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Oodie Family Pack

Oodie Family Pack

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What is The Oodie?

✔︎ Each Oodie is a one size fits all wearable blanket. Don't worry, they fit kids too! They love that it goes all the way down to their toes.

✔︎ They are crafted with extremely soft flannel fleece exterior - perfect for cuddling.

✔︎ The interior is sherpa fleece - similar to sheeps fleece.

✔︎ Our product is vegan and cruelty-free!

✔︎ The Oodie is professionally crafted to last many winters. Don't worry about tears - we know how to sew! Furthermore it is completely machine washable/care-free.

✔︎ Oodies make the perfect present, hence each Oodie comes wrapped in a bow ready to gift.

✔︎ We offer free delivery Australia wide. 2-5 days to Victoria & NSW. 3-7 days to the rest!

✔︎ We also offer affordable express NZL shipping. Just 2-4 days!

✔︎ We offer a 30 day free refund policy, however don't worry, we know you aren't going to need it!

Do you love being warm and snug? The Oodie is like a giant colourful hug. It is perfect for:

🏕Summer Camping Trips

❄️Those Frosty Cold Mornings

🍿Watching Movies With Friends

💤Evening Naps

Don't wait!

Due to high demand we often sell out. If you have any further questions, please email us at 💌

If you are over 6ft tall, we suggest pairing The Oodie with trackies. It's the perfect combo...

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