Canteen Australia & The Oodie

Our mission is to create moments of happiness and comfort. We’ve partnered with Canteen to bring young people together during their toughest times, share comfort and wrap them in a big warm hug.

Cancer is one of the hardest things a young person can face. Canteen is the only organisation in Australia dedicated to providing tailored support for young people impacted by cancer. From clinical trials to specialist counselling and opportunities to meet, connect and find joy with others who truly understand.

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Youth Leaders

We worked with ten Canteen youth leaders to create a design that represents young people’s experiences of cancer and the support they find at Canteen.

They have been involved in all aspects of bringing this to life beyond the product development, from the shoot to the marketing. The collection is bright and colourful, it’s what Canteen’s all about when they’re together.

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100% Of The Profits Go To Canteen.

Funds raised through sales of the Oodie Canteen Collection will help Canteen provide life-changing support that gets young people through a world turned upside down by cancer.

By supporting canteen, you can help young people find life in the face of cancer. you can help them discover passions, achieve their goals and laugh again

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