we're commited to doing more good in the world. The kind of good that brings a warm fuzzy feeling to our community and our planet.

As a young brand, we care deeply about our impact on the world around us. Doing our bit to make a positive difference for our community and our environment is incredibly important to us.

We've introduced some initiatives we're really proud of but we know there's still more good to be done

We've teamed up with Upparel. Australia's first digital textile recycling solution

As part of our support for the circular fashion movement, we're working with Upparel to provide our customers with an easy way to recycle their pre-loved Oodies and any other clothing.

Upparel donates usable clothing to charities and people in need. Garments that cannot be re-worn are shredded and repurposed into products such as insulation, underlay and cushioning in furniture and pet beds. Zero clothing ends up in landfill. Find out more >

We're making positive changes

We've changed our packaging to be more sustainable. We've removed the woven polyester bag previously included with an Oodie to reduce our packaging by half.

We've also improved the vacuum packaging of Oodie items to take up less space in transit. This enables us to fit more items in a container, reduce the amount of freight and minimise our carbon footprint.

We're working to make Oodie logistics and fulfillment carbon neutral

We partner with Borderless360, a certified Climate Neutral Company that provides the most sustainable shipping services available worldwide.

By harnessing a strong local fulfilment network, Borderless360 are able to use less emissions-intensive transport for our customers. All emissions created from shipping our goods are 100% offset.

Currently, we are working with Borderless360 in the UK, Europe, Canada and United States, and our long term goal is to make all our fulfilment services carbon neutral.

Donating to those in need

We are proud to support many local charities and community groups through donation of Oodie products. Some of the organisations we have helped include women's shelters, refugee organisations, youth groups, various charities and victims of natural disasters.

The Oodie team members love to get involved, and all our staff have two days paid leave a year just to volunteer!

We're helping to clothe thousands of people every week

Through our partnership with Thread Together, we donate discontinued stock and as-new product returns. These products are packed and sorted by the Thread Together team and then distributed to the people that need them most.

Thread Together clothes over 2,000 people in need each week, through its network of charity partners, providing essential clothing to keep people warm.

We've planted 32,000 trees (and counting) across the globe

Through our partnership with One Tree Planted we have funded the planting of more than 32,000 trees in reforestation projects around the world (yay!).

Since 2014, One Tree Planted have planted more than 40 million trees in 43 countries. The not-for-profit's global projects help to restore forests after fires and floods, build communities, and protect habitat for wildlife.