Pink Oodie Boots

Pink Oodie Boots

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Our shoes are a snug fit! If in doubt, grab a size bigger than your usual size...

When it’s time to slip out of your comfortable Oodie to run to the grocery store, make sure that you’re still feeling as comfortable as possible with our Oodie boots!

We wanted to take comfort and softness and wrap them around your whole body, and we thought - why not your feet too?

The Oodie boots are a result of hard work and undying dedication to giving your feet what they deserve - a soft, fashionable, wear & tear boot that you can dress up and dress down, depending on what you need for the occasion.

  • Warm, but never sweaty - The Oodie boots were designed to keep your toes toasty warm but never wet! We chose a soft and light inner material (cotton velveteen, similar to sherpa fleece) that prevents excess perspiration and allows your foot to breathe.

  • Super soft & comfortable - If you know that you will be standing on your feet all day you better put on these Oodie boots! Not only is the inside super soft, but the sole is also made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR) that guarantees unparalleled cushioning that your feet will thank you for.

  • Durable &  easy to clean - The outside of the Oodie boot is made from microsuede, making it aesthetically-pleasing with a luxurious feel, and easy to clean. Rain or shine, you know you can take your boots out for a walk and spot-clean them with a damp cloth if needed. We also paid special attention to the stitching, creating an elegant and soft boot that’s simply made for walking!

  • Unisex, different sizes, & three colour variations - Don’t worry blokes - you can have your Oodie boot in a manly navy blue colour! Other colours available are grey and baby pink. Sizes currently available are 5 through 10.

  • Delivered gift-wrapped - Are you getting the Oodie boots as a present? First of all that’s one lucky person who has you as a friend! Also don’t worry about wrapping paper - we will deliver the boots in a snazzy giftable box with a bow on top!

Already have your Oodie wearable blanket and Oodie trackies? Get your matching Oodie boots today and then check out our Oodie slippers to complete the set! Wrap yourself in velvety softness from head to toe - you’ve earned it!