Oodie Slippers

Oodie Slippers

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Our slippers are a snug fit! If in doubt, grab a size bigger than your usual size...

Kick off those uncomfortable sneakers or high heels as soon as you walk through the door and treat your feet to the incredible softness of our Oodie slippers.

They are comfortable and convenient - just slip your tired feet under the two criss crossed straps and find out what walking on a cloud really feels like!

Don’t worry - not a single rabbit was harmed in the making of these slippers despite their fluffy pink appearance.

For the Oodie slipper, we decided to go with rabbit hair imitation - faux rabbit if you will. That’s how much we love all things soft and cuddly! The top fabric that touches the soles of your feet - as well as the top straps - are made from luxurious, long-fibre fabric that provides a bit of warmth, a lot of cushioning, and an enormous amount of tickle!

  • Snuggly and soft - This here is some serious snuggliness! Thanks to the long fibres of the material used, you will feel as if your feet are caressed with thousands of soft, delicate feathers. Just what you need when getting up to walk to the fridge, right?

  • Comfortable all-year-round - The Oodie slippers are open-toe and easy to slip on. Avoid the uncomfortable waddle caused by an ill-fitting slipper, as well as that sweaty, moist foot feeling you get with completely closed synthetic slippers.

  • Non-slippery sole - We slightly rubberised the sole of the Oodie slipper, so you can walk safelyinto your bathroom and step on wet tiles knowing full-well that your slipper shouldn't slip!

  • Delivered gift-wrapped - Buying a present for a loved one? Don’t even worry about the wrapping paper. We’ve made sure that the Oodie slippers are delivered in a giftable box with a matching pink bow on top!

Already have your Oodie wearable blanket and Oodie trackies? Get your matching Oodie slippers today and then check out our Oodie boots to complete the set! Wrap yourself in velvety softness from head to toe - you’ve earned it!