3 Pack Peach emoji™ Socks

- What a beautiful peach of work! Your favourite, cheeky emoji™ now comes in socks. Oodie Peach emoji™ Socks are made from a warm and soft blend of cuddly cotton and stretchy nylon. Grab yours today -  your feet will a-peach-iate it.

- LOVED by 1 MILLION+ Oodie fans across the globe

- 100% satisfaction guarantee

- Lovingly crafted from the best, most cuddly-soft materials: All Oodie socks are made from the warmest, most snuggliest materials around including cuddly cotton and nylon - feels like your feet are being hugged by 1,000 sheep.

- Uber-comfortable and breathable with the Oodie logo on the ribbing and sole

Please note that this item is non-returnable for a change of mind.

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*Strikethrough price will be discounted with code 3PACKSOCKS taking the end value to $45 Offer is limited and can end at anytime.

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Free Shipping
& Returns

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Machine Washable

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Vegan and

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Makes The Perfect Gift

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Over 1 Million

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Made From Cuddly Cotton & Stretchy Nylon



100% Satisfaction guarantee

Highest quality material,that guarantees exceptional experience and comfort.

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100% Cruelty Free

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